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Weber Go Anywhere is a portable grill

When comparing Weber go anywhere vs Smokey joe, the main difference between the two grills is portability. The Go-Anywhere is easier to move from one location to another, has a foldable stand, and is extremely easy to clean. The Smokey Joe lacks portability and features like a locking lid system and carrying handles. If you’re looking for a circular grill, the Smokey Joe is the better choice.

The Weber Go Anywhere weighs less than three pounds and is about a foot tall and a half wide. It has 340 square inches of cooking space, and its steel frame is porcelain-enameled to resist rust. The handle on the Jumbo Joe is heat-resistant nylon, and it comes in orange/grey stripes. Both have a variety of features, including adjustable temperature settings, which make them suitable for a wide range of cooking occasions.

The Weber Go Anywhere is made of lightweight aluminium alloy. The grill’s frame is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds of up to 30mph. It is also small enough to fit in a small space without sacrificing cooking space. The Weber Go Anywhere’s legs are fragile, which makes it difficult to transport it. The Jumbo Joe’s legs are also prone to breaking, which could pose a hazard in poor weather.

The Weber Go Anywhere is more portable and compact than the Smokey Joe, but it doesn’t have as many features. The Weber Smokey Joe is more convenient for traveling and camping, but it lacks portability. It requires cords to lock the lid in place. The Weber Go Anywhere is cheaper and lighter, but it’s still not as high-end as the Smokey Joe.

The Weber Go Anywhere grill is an excellent option for camping. It is easy to use and features two separate grates and an ash catcher. The Go Anywhere is also more convenient for use since it has two legs that fold. It is a full size grill that comes with two grates and a removable ash catcher. The Go-Anywhere costs $129 at most retail outlets.

Despite its size, the Weber Go Anywhere is a portable grill that is more versatile than its competitor. The Smokey Joe is a little more expensive and requires a more secure setting to be safe. The Weber Go Anywhere has a larger cooking surface, which is more convenient for campers. The ash catcher is located underneath the cooking bowl, which makes it easier to carry.

The Weber Go Anywhere is more portable than the Smokey Joe, but the Weber Go Anywhere offers more portability than the Smokey Joe. Unlike the Smokey Joe, the Go-Anywhere is a full size grill with two grates and an ash catcher. It is very easy to use and has an ash catcher built in. It is also very portable and foldable.

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