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How to celebrate your anniversary safely in 2021?

We’re in the second year of the pandemic and the situation is pretty bad out there for the entire world. With strict rules on social distancing, we’re missing out on the simple pleasures like hanging out with friends, outings with family and most importantly celebrations.

 Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party or any other social gathering, the restriction on guests had made it difficult to enjoy with our loved ones. And the same goes for anniversaries too. No grand preparations or functions might seem like a dull way to celebrate your anniversary. But these rules don’t mean that you still cannot make the day special for yourself and your partner. Since safety is most important, here’s how you can have your ‘quarantine anniversary celebration’ in 2021.

  • Recreate your first date at home

Whether it’s your first anniversary or 10th, both of you are definitely going to be nostalgic about the first time you went on a date. So why not re-do it all over again? Since going out isn’t a very good idea, you can recreate your first date scene again at home. Arrange your room like the restaurant or café you met in and have the same kind of conversations. How lovely it is to be meeting your partner like it’s the first time.

  • Write and read new vows for each other

You must’ve written each other special vows at the wedding before saying ‘I do’. But after a year or more of togetherness, it is time to write new ones. By now you have new experiences, new memories with your partner and most definitely new promises that you would like to make. Take time out before your anniversary to re-write new vows and say them out to your partner. Rekindle the romance and fall in love once again. You could also buy your partner a new ring for the anniversary. Check out jewelers in hatton garden for the latest designs.

  • Camping in your backyard

If you’re the outdoorsy kind but have been cooped up at home since the lockdown began, then your anniversary might leave you feeling the urge to step out and do something adventurous. How about a little backyard camping. Take out your tent and lay it in your very own backyard. Have a small bonfire if possible. Take out drinks and food and pretend like you’re far away from home. You could spend the night stargazing out and relaxing in the tent. Making love in the tent will definitely break the monotony of all those months of having sex in the bedroom, in the same, old, boring way. Just a little excitement can totally spice up your mood.

  • Romantic bubble bath with champagne

Working from home can be hectic at times and even though you two may be together 24/7, quality time is often lost. This is your chance to make time especially for your partner. If you have a tub at home then you could have a relaxing bubble bath with champagne in the tub. You could also gift her a brand new Hatton garden engagement ring right in the tub. You could also throw in a massage/spa session for your partner. If you wish to spice it up further then have a little masseuse and client kind of role play. These little things help to keep the sparkle alive even after years of being together. 

Yes, we know you must’ve made grand plans for your anniversary and they didn’t work out. But what is important to remember is that you two are going to be together and that’s what matters the most. The day is about the two of you and your life together. Take a moment to be grateful for each other and have a cosy and safe ‘quarantine anniversary’ at home.

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