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Ways to Preserve and Maintain Your Wood Deck

What’s the best approach to maintain and preserve your deck? Although wood is durable and somewhat versatile, your wooden deck goes through unimaginable strain and a rough beat-up from the elements. Your deck faces the scorching such for a few months. The intense heat dries it out. After the scorching sun, your deck has to deal with the rain and excess moisture. It is also susceptible to mold growth, insects, or algae which cause gradual deterioration of your deck. Learn how to care for, maintain, and preserve your wooden deck With these tips

Deal With the Rot and Minor Repairs 

Regular inspection of your deck should be part of your preservation and maintenance routine. You need to check for rot manifestation, cracks around the screws and nails, water damage, or protruding nails. Once rot attacks your deck, it compromises the stability of your deck. If you observe any form of discoloration, moisture retention, or soft spots, it means rot found its way into your deck. The deck decay can spread into your home if your neglect it. The key to dealing with damage is eliminating it in its early stages. You can fix small rotten patches on your deck by drilling out the damaged part and filling it with wood putty. Don’t forget to reseal and restain the part. Think of hiring a deck builder to repair the rot, if the damage is big. If you fix the taint by yourself, you may end up compromising the structure of your deck. A deck building company like USQC Inc. can help you eliminate the rot and the source of the rot. If the damage was due to poor installation, USQC deck builders will reinstall your deck. 

Sweep and Get Rid of Dust and Debris  

Residue and dirt build-up strains your deck. They contain components that tarnish and discolour the deck. The dirt build-up can also retain moisture which may ease the growth of mould, mildew, algae, and rot. You will have to sweep and light wash the deck every now and then. Remove debris and leaves stuck in the deck boards. A weekly sweep will keep your deck clean and well-maintained. During winter, ensure your keep removing snow and ice to keep the deck as dry as possible.

Deep Clean and Reseal Your Deck 

Power wash and reseal your deck every 12 months. Professional deck cleaners have the experience of handling deck cleaning tools. Besides, they can fix any loose screw or nail as they deep wash and stain the deck. The reseal will help protect the deck from harsh elements. It will also prevent moisture retention, fungi growth, and protect the deck from UV rays. You need to reseal after a deep or pressure wash. You can also restain the deck when necessary to prevent moisture retention. 

Restain the Deck

Restain your deck after every two to three years. Stain preserves and increases the decks’ life span. It also prevents moisture from penetrating into the deck. The stain also protects the deck from the scorching sun. The darker stains do a great job of protecting your deck from harmful UV rays. Deck stain is quite costly compared to a deck reseal. So, let a professional deck builder restain your deck to avoid costly mistakes. The stain can last more than three years if done by a professional. 

Use Oil-based Wood Preservative on Your Deck

Such preservatives penetrate into the wood. Thus, it prevents moisture from getting into your deck boards. Go for oil-based wood preservatives with UV inhibitors. You will need to recoat the deck with the preservative to ensure your deck is not unprotected. Do it every one or two years. Remember, using excessive oil-based wood preservatives can interfere with the drying process. Let a professional recoat your deck with an oil-based preservative. 


Your deck needs maintenance to keep it as good as new. Maintain your deck by sweeping, deep cleaning, resealing, and restaining it. But, if your deck needs more than a repair or a restain, you may need to tear it down and install a new deck. Safety should always come before visual appeal. Talk to your deck builder before tearing it down. What’s more professional a deck builder can provide insights on how you care for and maintain your deck. 

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