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Unveiling the truth about YouTube TV reels

Unveiling the Truth about YouTube TV reels

Before discussing the reels on YouTube TV let’s discuss the YouTube TV

What is YouTube TV?

As you all know the emerging of social media platform YouTube is one of them YouTube is the sub-company of Google where different kinds of entertainment and teaching life and a lot of other kinds of videos are uploaded. YouTube TV is the live alternative to ordinary TV which you can use from your mobile you don’t have to sit on a couch and plug on the fire to watch the live streaming.

What are the reels?

Reel is a new feature of many social media platforms which indicates the short form of videos with many attractive features.

Where did it come from?

The trend basically comes from TikTok, which is a platform created by a Chinese citizen, globally, for entertainment purposes but later it became so popular in the genz generation that other social media platforms adopted this feature just as Facebook, Instagram reels, and YouTube as a short clips.

YouTube TV reels

YouTube has a feature of short clips but YouTube TV does not have a reel option because it’s a live-streaming feature and trees are considered to be short clips. Until now there are no reels for YouTube TV but maybe in the future, they may find some similar features for YouTube reels.

Demand for YouTube TV

YouTube TV does not have a reels section but it does not mean that it’s not in demand. There are a lot of other options for users to get entertainment from this feature of YouTube. They can watch the show of their interest anytime anywhere just from the mobile.

Is YouTube TV paid or free?

YouTube TV is a paid feature of YouTube the subscription of YouTube TV comes along with a lot of features. The subscription price is $72.99 per month but new subscribers can get of first three months and get their subscription just for $52.99.

Features of YouTube TV

The subscription comes along with a lot of other features like unlimited DVR space live streaming of popular shows popular and premium networks the main advantage of a subscription is you can get 6 accounts just with one subscription which means you don’t have to buy many subscriptions to use on different devices.
Ads on YouTube TV.
YouTube TV is a paid subscription but one drawback of its live streaming is it shows ads that are unskippable and we have to watch them which is quite annoying for the audience.

What if YouTube TV adopts reels?

This is the era of continuously upgrading new features and staying up to date to compete in the market and achieve its goals. If in future YouTube TV adopts the reel feature I think the feature should be connected or according to its previous data.

Reels as a challenge for YouTube TV

The emerging demand for short content of users could be a challenge for YouTube streaming to balance between short content and long content.


In conclusion, I would say YouTube TV may not have a new feature of trending reels but it’s still demanding because of its other features which its audience admires the most. While the adoption of reels is a new trend that every platform uses to satisfy their user new features always depends on the demand and technological advancement. So maybe in the future YouTube TV will introduce a similar feature for its audience until then we should be entertained by its current features and offers.

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