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Kira Puru: Top 10 Funniest Things I’ve Ever Seen (On the Internet)

Musicians share their favorite videos and Funniest Things, including a DIY Dobby costume, feminist dating advice from a grandmother, and a very specific Melbourne meme. Never in my life have I felt so unfun as I did while compiling this list. There’s nothing that grosses you out faster than someone pulling out their phone to show you something “funny” they have seen on the internet, leading you into the longest three minutes of your life. Oh, and that sharp, wide-eyed look they give you afterward, practically begging for validation? Rough. And somehow, despite knowing this, here I am, desperately hoping you’ll laugh and think I’m cool. Look, I’m not in the business of being funny. I make music. And that’s the excuse I’ll stick to if nothing on this list appeals to you. But if you are feeling frisky, let me pull out my proverbial phone and show you a thing or two. I think creating this list has made me realize that a lot of what I think is “funny” is just sincere expressions of joy and people playing.

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