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José Trinidad Marín: All life history and Incidents

José Trinidad Marín is also popularly known as Trino Marín. He is the ex-husband of Jenni Rivera (whose real name was Dolores Saavedra). José was born on February 15, 1964, and lives in the United States of America. His ex-wife, Jenni Rivera, was a popular American songwriter and singer. In addition to being a musician, Jenny was also a passionate philanthropist, spokesperson, businesswoman, and actress. Trino is popularly known by his real name. He comes from a Christian family and has a mixed heritage.

Before his marriage to Jenni Rivera, José was relatively unknown to the public, but became popular after the wedding, due to Jenni’s already famous name in the media world as a result of her singing, songwriting, and acting skills. However, both José and Jenni decided to keep their lives private as soon as they started a relationship. Obviously, this is why there is little information about the couple on the Internet. José met Jenni in high school when she was just a teenager.

Before marrying Jenni, José worked as a manager at a Mexican-American cafe. Trino Marin’s professional career was his only source of income. José is originally from Mexico and holds a Mexican-American passport. Trino Marin grew up in Mexico before his parents moved permanently to the United States.

Jose’s physical appearance

Jose is currently 57 years old. He is approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall. Being known as the ex-partner of a celebrity, Trino has to continue to maintain a good physical appearance. José Trinidad Marín also weighs about 67 kg.

Joseph relationship

According to an interview conducted in Trino, José fell in love with Jenni when the girl was only 15 years old. Young Trino Marín was 20 years old when he proposed to Jenni and they married a few months later, in 1984.

Jenni became pregnant with her first child at age 17. She was still in high school when she had her first child. José and Jenni both had three children before the marriage ended in 1992. There were allegations that José abused Jenni, her sister-in-law, and her children. Information about José’s new wife has not yet been released. He started his life over with his new wife, somewhere in Riverside County.

The professional trajectory of Trino Marín

José was unemployed when he and Jenni started a relationship. Eventually, he started doing odd jobs to make ends meet. Finally, when he was 22 years old, José got a job as an administrative manager in a Mexican American cafe, where he began to earn a decent income.

José encouraged his wife to continue his education instead of staying home, but Jenni felt comfortable taking care of the children and the house. Trino was not happy with this decision, so this little argument turned into a significant dispute between them.

The three children of José Marín and Jenni Rivera

As already mentioned, Jenni had her first child when she was still in high school. The two former lovers had their first child on June 26, 1985. The first child was a girl and they named her Chiquis Rivera. Despite being a teenage mother, Jenni handled high pressure well and completed her high school education on time. A few years after welcoming her first child, the couple announced the arrival of their second daughter, whom they named Jacqueline. Jacqueline Rivera was born on November 20, 1989.

In September 1991, Jenni confirmed her third pregnancy. She called him Michael; he is the youngest son of the couple. During the divorce proceedings, the couple became involved in a heated trial over the custody of the children. Finally, the court announced its decision in favor of Jenni. Read more about John Oliver wife biography, education, and net worth.

All three children are successful in their different fields. The first girl, Chiquis, follows in the footsteps of her mother. She is quite successful as a musician. The other children began their professional careers as English actors in Mexican and American television series.

Patrimony of José Trinidad Marín

According to various sources, José Marín is worth between 600,000 and 800,000 dollars. Trino lost his old manager job at the cafe due to rumors that he had sex with his co-workers. But finally, it became clear that it was not a rumor. José was accused of assaulting one of his co-workers.

Joseph’s trial

In 1997, Jenni’s younger sister accused Trino of sexually assaulting her and harassing her first child, Chiquis. After a series of investigations, it became clear that Trino had assaulted her two daughters and her sister-in-law.

José was sentenced to 9 years in prison for assault. However, in 2006, José was sentenced to another 31 years in prison for assault and rape.

The death of Jenni Rivera

Jenni lost her life in a plane crash on December 9, 2012. There was a minor problem with the plane’s engine that caused the accident. Jenni and six other people died in that accident. Jenni Rivera is buried at All-Souls Chapel and Cemetery.


As far as we know, JoséTrinidad Marín is still in jail. The court has already made it clear that José will not receive any early release for good behavior.

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