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Can You Build Your Cigar Humidor

Cigar lovers must not only figure out how to get their favorite hard-to-find brands but also how to preserve them so that they keep the appropriate amount of moisture. Dry cigars burn hotter and produce more bitter smoke. An electric humidor, especially a high-end one, may be rather costly, where a cigar connoisseur keeps their stogies.

So, if you’re a cigar smoker? You may make your humidor from a $15 desktop container to a large wood display cabinet. You’ll probably need to be an accomplished carpenter if you want one that looks as good as a cigar bar. You may need a hot glue gun if you can do with one more useful than attractive.

Basic Procedures

  • It would be beneficial to wash the container with distilled water before using it. Fill the container with cigars and attach a hydrometer to the lid. 
  • Cutting Spanish Cedar by hand is relatively simple if you have a table saw. The most significant component will be attached to the lid and sink into the box.
  • After there, you’ll cut the leftover Cedar to fit the bottom and sides. You’ll need to sand them down with 100-grain fine sandpaper by hand.
  • Remember that sanding anything by hand may be a dirty process, so undertake this job phase outside. After the wood prep, glue each piece to the box’s sides and bottom.
  • The hinges are the next step, which is very straightforward. You’ll need your hammer and nails for this stage.
  • Save the handle for last and attach it using hammer nails or a screwdriver.
  • Allow the cedar lining to cure for 24 hours with the lid open.

That’s all there is to it; you’ve constructed an electric humidor. If you want to get fancy, you may get a hygrometer to test the humidity level in your home.

Humidor Recycled

You may refashion an old cabinet or coffee table into a unique humidor if you aren’t a decorative craftsman. Dray of Drays Workshop shows how he converted an old breakfront into a multi-shelved, glass front cabinet for storing and displaying stogies in the video above.

This method has its own set of difficulties. Dray begins by filling up all of the gaps and cracks in the cabinet with sealant or minor wood repairs. He then caulks the seams and grooves to prevent outside air from seeping into the cabinet. To make a new lining, pieces of Spanish cedar bonde within. Shelves are designed to store cigar boxes at an angle, making them visible through the glass doors. Weather seal tape applies to the door edges to finish the inner cabinet’s seal.

Last Thoughts

Knowing how to make a cigar humidor out of an old box may save you a lot of money while also protecting and keeping the freshness of your cigars, as you can see in the example above. Of course, you may add other features like an inside hygrometer, storage areas for your favorite cigar cutter, and even stash locations for a portable ashtray. The possibilities are unlimited, and they will determine by your budget and woodworking talents.

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