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7 iPhone Hacks you Wish you knew Sooner

1. Recover permanently deleted photos on your iPhone

It hurts when all your precious pictures have suddenly disappeared from your iPhone. Fortunately, it is possible to recover deleted images on your iPhone. When wondering how to recover deleted photos on iPhone, remember that the Photos app on your phone has a Recently Deleted folder. Here, deleted images are kept for up to thirty days and once you choose to restore them, they will retain their place as if they were never deleted. You can also use Disk Drill to recover permanently deleted photos.

2. Tag contacts and get their attention in group messages

Do you want to get someone’s attention in a group chat? You have to mention them by typing @ and followed by the person’s name. Add punctuation or press space to bold the person’s name, and the @ symbol will disappear.
When the message is sent, the person in question will be notified and you can be sure that your message will not get lost in a long thread. Read more about Craigslist Ames details and services.

3. Add captions to your videos and photos

iPhone users can add keywords or captions to any video or photo by swiping up on a video or image to add the caption. It will automatically save to iCloud Photos. You can quickly find the image or video later by typing the keyword or title in your iPhone’s search window.

4. Hide unused apps

iPhone apps offer many features to make life easier for users, but most of those apps are not used regularly. You can move those unused apps to the App Library in iOS 14 by tapping Delete App in the app’s quick actions and selecting Move to App Library.
You can also keep prying eyes away from your apps by locking apps on your iPhone. It ensures your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and you can keep whatever app you’re using a secret.

5. Get ultra-fast charging

When you’re running out of time and need your phone to charge fast, it can be quite a pain to watch your iPhone charge at a glacial pace. If you want to charge your phone quickly, turn on airplane mode. Doing so will temporarily turn on your phone’s background noises, including GPS roaming and app notifications.

6. Send unwanted calls directly to your voicemail

Are you tired of robocalls? If so, you can send unknown calls directly to your voicemail. If the phone number is not saved in your contacts, you do not have to answer those calls. However, there are exceptions, such as phone numbers you’ve recently made an outgoing call to, or numbers Siri finds in your emails.
Go to Settings > click Phone > select Turn on Silence unknown calls for all other unwanted calls.

7. Type faster even when typing with one hand

Compared to Android, Apple is a decade behind in bringing this feature to iPhone users. However, better late than never.
iPhone users can use QuickPath glide typing to slide their fingers across the letters of the words they’re trying to say. You no longer need to type, just swipe. It’s a much faster way to type, especially when typing with one hand. Also, it is prone to fewer errors. It doesn’t matter if your fingers touch the correct letters; the most suitable words are selected similar to the suggestions and autocorrect feature in iMessage.

If you’re already using SwiftKey, the QuickPath swipe feature isn’t new. To enable the swipe feature on your iPhone, head over to Settings > click General > select Keyboard and turn on the Swipe to Type feature.
So, these are some of the hidden features and secrets of the iPhone that you should know about. You can make full use of your phone now and make your life much easier. Also, don’t forget to keep experimenting and stay up to date with the latest iOS updates.

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