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Why Is Professional Document Translation 1000 Times Better Than AI Translation?

You might wonder, what is the hype about professional document translation? What is it that AI can not do?

Almost all major corporations prefer professional document translation. The languages invented by humans are better understood by humans. This is why the human touch in translating your documents can have a considerable impact.

Language barriers are common in countries with multicultural identities like Canada. Translation services help to remove these barriers. Yet, the central dilemma remains whether to select professional or AI translation.

Everything comes along with its pros and cons. Similarly, Professional translation is considered costly and time-consuming. At the same time, it is beneficial for business in the long run. These are a few reasons why professional translation is better than AI translation.


AI translates word by word. It picks the equivalent words and combines them to form a complete sentence. These sentences will have errors. Yet, AI will think this translation is entirely correct.

When a professional does a translation, he will ensure the translated content is accurate. He will provide quality work without altering the meaning of the content. He will recheck everything until the work meets the quality standards.

Language Evolution

With time, language develops specific changes. The vocabulary of any language a century ago would not be the same as today.

People develop new phrases, slang, and grammar rules as time changes. AI can not update its database itself.

On the other hand, humans are usually up to date with their native language. This makes professional translation by native speakers even more attractive.


There are so many accents of the same language around the world. US has entirely different English rules and pronunciations than the UK.

Around 25 percent of people in Canada speak French. However, there is a significant difference between European French and Canadian French. Native speakers understand these differences better, which can help to add a touch of localization to translations.

It is difficult for AI to understand these localization requirements. Yet, native speakers not only understand the localization requirement but can incorporate these in translation too. Native translators of CC Translation can help with localization in translations.

Style And Tone

It is essential to communicate in a clear tone and style. Business documents need a formal tone, while a joke will be useless in a formal tone.

Every document has its style and tone requirements which AI will be unable to understand. Professional translators can keep style and tone requirements in mind while translating. These simple style and tone changes can elevate the overall results.


It is a human habit to check and recheck everything multiple times. You may even recheck the door after locking it or recheck the stove after turning it off.

It is usual for humans to recheck everything even when it is 100 percent fine. This also applies to professional translators. They edit and re-edit the exact translation until it is 100 percent error-free.

Professional translators even notice typing errors or spelling errors in the original text. This helps to mitigate the mistakes in the original and translated text.

Whereas AI is neither capable of pointing out mistakes nor will it recheck the translated text. AI considers its translation perfect the first time, which is not a great sign.

Human Touch

There is a difference between how machines and humans work. AI performs totally on pre-installed programs and software. It can not serve beyond the set of given instructions.

However, humans work on emotions. Every day, humans exhibit lots of emotions. This human touch is even present in the way we communicate.

AI can not understand emotions and therefore is unable to incorporate them in translations. Yet, native translators can easily understand emotions. They take care of the message the writer wants to pass on and then translate it accordingly.

Security Issues

IT and AI have for sure arose security issues. There is no guarantee that your data is safe with AI translations. Huge security and confidentiality risks are associated with machine translations.

However, professional translators are bound to keep your data confidential. At CC Translation, your trust and confidentiality are the number one priority. Your information is in safe and professional hands at CC Translation.


AI translations still have a long way before it gets to the level of human translation. Professional translation can save you from losing customers. You lose the trust of native customers if the translation is not up to standards. Save your customer base with CC Translation. Get a quote now.


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