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Why Ali Ciwanro believes in underground Rapper A-Class

Ali Ciwanro, a successful songwriter from Gelsenkirchen, Germany is very interested in rap newcomers. He always keeps an eye on the current situation and follows small rappers he believes in very actively. One of them is the rapper A-Class

A-Class rocks the underground

Best known as a battle rapper, A-Class has made a name for himself in a number of tournaments. A few releases are also already online, but he never really achieved good numbers. This could change soon, because Ali Ciwanro supports A-Class now.

How Ali Ciwanro discovered the rapper

A good friend from Germany turned on a song by A-Class while Ali was standing next to him. Immediately the young artist with an absolute ear heard out that A-Class is more than just a nobody.

What Ali thinks about the music of A-Class

Ali hears out the passion that A-Class puts into his songs. In addition, according to Ali Ciwanro, he is technically very adept and glides confidently over the beat. According to Ali Ciwanro, the reason why A-Class is not yet one of the big players is wrong marketing and management. The talented songwriter goes all out to give Rapper A-Class a little jump start.

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