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Where to find the Fjordur wyvern eggs in Ark: Survival Evolved

If you want to get your hands on the wyvern eggs in Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur, you’ve come to the right place. The free DLC arrived earlier this month and has introduced new realms to explore, complete with ruins and fortresses, the Mjolnir sword skin, and plenty of new dinosaur species to fall in love with or avoid altogether.

When looking for new dinosaurs to tame, it’s sometimes easier to grab an egg and hatch it rather than take your chances with the full-size, and probably angry, version. There are four different wyvern eggs to collect, as well as those from Magmasaurs, and that’s where this guide will help you. Here are the Fjordur Egg locations in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Ark Fjordur Wyvern Egg Locations

Ice Wyvern Egg Location: 65 32
Lightning Wyvern Egg Location: 30 08
Poison Wyvern Egg Location: 13 64
Fire Wyvern Egg Location: 85 69

These are found in the snowy realm of Jotunheim. From the terminal, you should see what looks like a massive set of giant ribs sticking out of the mountainside on the left. You’ll find a ravine just slightly past and below that area at coordinates 65 32—you can tell you’re in the right place as you’ll see ice wyverns flying around.

There is a cave entrance a little further on and you should be able to find an egg in one of the alcoves in the wall.

Lightning Wyvern Eggs

You can find them in Asgard. From the terminal, look for the giant skeleton covered in moss and look for the lake in the sunken area behind it. Approaching from the terminal, look for the cave entrance on the right side of the lake at coordinates 30 08.

Follow the tunnel until you reach a trench where you will find lightning wyverns. Eggs can be found in the gaps in the walls of the trench.

Poison Wyvern Eggs

These eggs are found in the Vanaheim region of Fjordur. The entrance to the cave you are looking for is in the northern section of the forest, just above the waterfall on the river enclosed in a ravine. The coordinates are 13 64.

Once inside the area, look for the glowing green alcoves, which should contain the poisonous wyvern eggs you’re looking for.

fire wyvern eggs

These eggs are located in a ravine near the volcano in the southwest corner of the Fjordur map – coordinates are 85 69. Look for hexagon-shaped pillars that make up the ravine and scroll down to find fire wyverns flying near the bottom.

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