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Twitter might soon release a huge overhaul of Twitter Spaces

Soon Spaces, Twitter’s audio chat room feature, might not look like it does now. As TechCrunch first reported and Twitter itself later confirmed to the site, the social networks are working on a completely overhaul of Twitter Spaces revamped new version of Spaces with new features.

Unfortunately, Twitter hasn’t provided any official information on what Spaces will look like in the future, but an intel firm called Watchful managed to snap some screenshots of the new design.

However, we should note here that Twitter has emphasized to TechCrunch that these images are from a very early stage of the new look and are “inaccurate and out of date.” However, we may still be able to get an idea of ​​what the new spaces might look like.

From the Watchful images, we can see that the audio rooms will likely be organized by theme, such as Music and Sports. Also, we can see that they are represented by colorful cards and artwork made for the programs.

Plus, it looks like Spaces could also get a new feature called “Your Daily Recap,” which will likely show you new episodes of the shows you follow. Also, as it does now, the tab will probably also show you who’s listening.

Twitter told TechCrunch that an official announcement for the new Spaces design is coming, but did not say when.

Twitter introduced Spaces in November 2020, in an attempt to compete with Clubhouse, whose popularity had just skyrocketed. At first, they seemed promising overhaul of Twitter Spaces, but now it seems that audio spaces and rooms as a whole are slowly dying. This is probably why Twitter has decided to completely revamp Spaces. To try and rekindle the interest their audio rooms once enjoyed.

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