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The SAFe RTE Certification Course and Training: An Overview

The thorough designing of the Engineering course of SAFeⓇ 5 Release Train is to help the candidate get prepared for the examination of certified SAFeⓇ RTE or Release Train Engineer.

What can one accomplish with the course of SAFeⓇ 5 RTE?

The SAFe RTE course is conducted for three days. It is a hands-on training course that contains real-world and engaging activities and simulations. The candidate will get facilitated with the skills necessary to flawlessly enable and execute the process of ART, and learn how to coach teams, Scrum Masters, and leaders in the mindset and culture of Agile.

By the time one comes to the end of the SAFeⓇ RTE course, they will be well-acquainted with the responsibilities and roles of an RTE or Release Train Engineer. They will then understand how they can drive value across the organization. The candidate will be able to do the following after completing the SAFe RTE training:

  1. They will be able to apply the tools and knowledge of Lean-Agile in order to release and organize value
  2. They will be able to continue their journey of learning with an action plan
  3. They will be able to nurture and drive relentless improvement
  4. They will be able to learn a large and program solution execution
  5. They will be able to become a coach and servant leaders and create a high-performing ART

The practical skills acquired from the SAFeⓇ RTE training course

The goal of the certified SAFeⓇ RTE or Release Train Engineer is to equip the candidates with all the skills required in order to become a successful SAFeⓇ Release Train Engineer or RTE in an enterprise of Lean. In this interactive and engaging program of three days, one develops the practical skills that employers typically look for in an RTE or Release Train Engineer. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Coaching stakeholders and leader
  2. Relentless improvement of ARTs
  3. Enabling alignment across levels
  4. Planning SAFeⓇrituals and PI events
  5. Soft skills for the management of stakeholders
  6. Simplifying complex scenarios
  7. Driving and creating momentum
  8. Facilitating the processes of ART
  9. Actioning and leading change

How does one benefit from the SAFe RTE certification?

The design of the SAFe RTE certification acquired upon completing the SAFeⓇ RTE course and SAFeⓇ RTE training is to equip the participants with all the skills they need in order to become impactful and efficient leaders in an enterprise of SAFeⓇ.

Affluent completion of the training course of SAFeⓇ RTE satisfies the prerequisites for the certification of SAFeⓇ RTE or Release Train Engineer and prepares one to clear the SAFe RTE certification examination on their first try. Read more about Knowing the true benefits of having smart gadgets in your home.

Once one becomes a certified SAFeⓇ Release Train Engineer, they can assist organizations and companies to release and execute value at scale. They will be able to help with the execution of large solutions and programs and build as a coach and servant leader a high-performing ART. The certification opens up satisfying and lucrative career paths.

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