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‘Stray’ — the videogame where you play as a cat

This is the video game where you play as a cat is breaking the internet. The new cyberpunk cat game for PlayStation and PC has already set a Stray Steam record for independent studio Annapurna Interactive. It set off a feline frenzy online, with even real-life cats transfixed by the in-game footage.

The cat is out of the bag, and probably all over your Twitter and TikTok feeds. “Stray”, a new video game for SONY by Sony, 1.43% PlayStation and Microsoft MSFT, 0.67% Windows, allows gamers to explore an underground cyberpunk city as a tabby cat trying to find his way back to his family .

The $29.99 third-person platform puzzle-adventure game, from French development studio BlueTwelve and published by Stray Annapurna Interactive, has generated a lot of buzz since it was first revealed during the 2020 PS5 reveal event. newest trailer released on June 2 has already been viewed more than 1.7 million times on PlayStation’s YouTube account).

The gist of the game is that you play as a lost alley cat navigating an underground city populated by robots. The goal is to return to the Stray surface world, where your feline friends live. Your stray soon teams up with a sentient drone named B12 (which can talk to your cat character’s humanoid robots), and the two of them explore the city and solve puzzles to find their way home, discovering what happened to everyone. humans. along the way, while avoiding hungry monsters who want to eat this cute kitty almost as much as the players.

“Stray” trended on Twitter both Monday and Tuesday around the game’s launch, generating over 363,000 tweets as of Tuesday afternoon. It was still there on Wednesday morning, now with 524,000 tweets, though some of those were also related to South Korean boy band Stray Kids.


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