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Samsung Reveals ZFlip4 ZFold4 Design Stories

Samsung introduced its latest foldable devices earlier this week: the ZFlip4 ZFold4 Design. We already covered smartphones in detail, but now the company has decided to share more about its design process and its vision on its use.

In a series of blog posts, Samsung explained all the cool design and experience features that allow users to express themselves while being productive at the same time.

This allows for better overall handling, and more ZFlip4 ZFold4 modern looks. The bezels also shrunk in the past twelve months, enabling same screen sizes is more manageable body sizes. The colors also received an overhaul with new slightly matte finishes.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 in Bora Purple is definitely the one to have, and it pairs perfectly with the Beige Fold though we doubt anyone would need both phones.

On the usability side, Samsung highlights that Flip4 supports zooming in and out of pages on the cover screen, while some apps have their own widget for easy navigation. Then we have the Fold4, where multiple apps can be opened on one screen and more can be accessed via the navigation bar.

Both the come with custom-made cases that offer better grip and protection, with the Fold pictured with either a kickstand cover or an S Pen sleeve. The look isn’t just about cases and colors; Samsung is also offering new cover screen features, clock faces, images, backgrounds, and even GIFs.

This is a feature that will be used more on the has a full OLED the ZFlip4 ZFold4 design  that can match any other Samsung smartphone in performance and functionality.

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