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Is there a future for CNC machining operators in 2022?

In recent years, the salary level of different industries has been greatly improved, but the overall salary level of CNC machining industry in China is not ideal. we relive the past. Does CNC machining have a future?

From operation to the technician to programming, step by step can quickly get started feeling a sense of accomplishment, and relative wages will also increase. Still, the industry pattern in this way, engineering after fixed salaries, essential rise space is not ample, but this line of work and long hours, holidays are not set, their way of life.

If the young can go to understand the elder’s way of life, Basically is the way you look after, see whether you want, if the work environment, system, treatment are also satisfied, you can enter the line, but after an industry into the line to do well, it is difficult to change the industry, they want to good, suggest to understand the industry model, development prospects, and then make their own correct decision.

This article will explain three points, the first point is now the CNC processing environment, another point is the characteristics of the industry, and the last point is a personal opinion.

  1. Machinery is a complex indicator of whether a country is developed. As I said at the beginning, the current situation is terrible because the machinery industry has been in decline for the past two years, small companies are closing, and large enterprises are laying off workers;

Therefore, to survive, machinery began to automation and intelligent, processing center is essential equipment; So, in the long run, it can still sustain itself; 

Talk about fresh college students, just graduated from the language course to learn well, logical thinking ability is strong, but fatal is no work experience, processing experience depends on waste and time, so many people in no condition and patience under the circumstances of a career change;

In addition, some technical school graduates in the long-term work after a lot of experience – but programming ability is inferior, can only complete 2-axis machining, 3 axis ability, 5 axis machining basic silly, unless there is a ready-made program;  (Except for large equipment, due to the guarantee of accuracy, the machine adopts single-axis, 2-axis, 3-axis, the need for multiple clamping processing);

To sum up, the current salary of a CNC machining worker is only about 500-1000$US in China; It is worth mentioning that it is not easy to find a suitable job.

  1. Any job has both advantages and disadvantages. There are always people who say that this is not good and that it is not good. It is the reason why people complain about what they do.

It is now under tremendous survival pressure, and wages will not meet. This job requires five to ten years of accumulation of results can be achieved, now no one is willing to invest so much time and energy to do express delivery rather than into the factory, the advantage is fewer constraints, wage income work more, do it, don’t want to do a bottom Semitic, faults too much,

I often see people out selling things in the middle of the night. It’s hazardous. However, when people are in their thirties, they want to work stabilization steadily because they have to take care of their families and children. The job on the move has no sense of security, so the advantages of this technical job are a stable job in the later period, steady income, less worry, rest as usual during holidays, and staying with their families. 

And can do 70 years old, I think this kind of job has more advantages than disadvantages, want to do wholeheartedly stick to it.

  1. I have worked in the CNC industry for nearly 10 years, from the beginning of my apprenticeship to the company’s current operation. In other words, programming now pays relatively well. In Shenzhen, China, prices typically exceed $1,200, and overtime is required only when big orders suddenly arrive.


The following are the recruitment requirements for a CNC Prototyping supplier in China: 

  1. 22-40 years old, diploma of technical secondary school or above, with more than 3 years working experience in the same position; 

2, familiar with machining center, CNC gantry milling, and other CNC equipment operation; 

  1. Able to read drawings independently, familiar with Frank system, have specific processing technology analysis ability; 
  2. bear hardships and stand hard work, have excellent quality awareness and team spirit, can adapt to shift work, and obey the arrangement.

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