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How to rename iPhone app in 3 steps

How to rename iPhone app

The iPhone’s lustrous design and instinctive interface make it one of the most popular smartphones globally. While default app names are usually descriptive and simple, if you want to give a personalized touch and enhance your experience, then can rename the apps according to your taste.

This will be beneficial in organizing the home screen making it more aesthetically pleasing, and also improve accessibility. If you are interested in renaming iPhone apps, but find it difficult to do so, here is a complete guide to walk you through the process. For an even better demo of this task, you can search for video guides, enclosing all the secrets to changing app icons and renaming them in IOS and iPad-OS 14.

Steps to rename the iPhone app

In this article, step by step guide is provided to you about How to rename iPhone app just with a few clicks. You can also create folders for the sequenced organization of apps and to enhance the appearance of the home screen. No technical experience is required for this task, you just have to follow some steps to start personalizing and organizing your device like a pro.

Open the shortcuts app

First, you need to open the shortcut app to rename any app. But you can long press on the icon of the app, you want to rename, then your shortcut app will automatically open and now you have entered the editing mode.

Tap the down arrow next to the shortcut name

This is the very first step after opening shortcuts app, you have to tap the down arrow next to the shortcut name. But if you press long the icon of any app, then a small “x” will appear in the upper left corner of each app. You do not need to tap this, as it will delete the app. You again have to tap the app icon and a text box will appear with the current name of that app.

Select Rename option

A rename option is displayed on your screen, select it for the further procedure. After following the second procedure, you do not need to go through this step.

Enter a new name

Now, enter a suitable name for that app. For instance, you can rename the calculator app as “Magical Number Cruncher” or any other name of your own choice.

Tap Done

After making these changes, press the Done to save your changes.

Rearrange your apps

This is optional, you can skip it if you are not interested in it. After renaming apps on iPhone, it is better to rearrange your apps on the home screen according to their new names for better organization.

Exit editing mode

Your editing mode has been completed and you can repeat the same procedure for any other app, you want to rename.

Restart your iPhone

This step is also optional, as you should restart your iPhone for a better experience.

Limitations & possibilities of renaming an app on iPhone

Renaming apps on iPhone is like a new makeover with new identities, but you may have to face some restrictions like you can’t change the names of the apps already installed in your iPhone like Safari or Messages. The renaming procedure doesn’t affect the functionality & features of that app, as it continues with its original functions just with a new fancy moniker.


Renaming apps on your iPhone is a handy skill that lets you customize your device to match your style and needs. If you’re wondering how to rename iPhone apps it’s quite simple. Just follow a few easy steps and you’ll have your apps named exactly how you like them. This process doesn’t require any technical knowledge so anyone can do it.

If you want to organize your apps better or just add a personal touch to your iPhone renaming apps is a great way to start. Remember this customization only changes how the apps appear to you. It won’t affect how they work. So go ahead to give your apps new names and make your iPhone feel even better and look different.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Rename iPhone App

How to personalize iPhone?

Personalize your iPhone by changing your wallpaper in Settings moving apps on the home screen using different widgets and setting unique ring tones. You can also customize the Control Center in Settings to add shortcuts to the features you use the most.

How do I customize iPhone Shortcuts?

To customize iPhone Shortcuts open the Shortcuts app tap on the My Shortcuts tab and select a shortcut or create a new one. You can customize its actions change its name or add it to your home screen with a personalized icon and name for fast access.

How do I use the icon changer app?

Download an icon changer app from the App Store. Once installed open the app and follow its instructions to select new icons for your apps. This normally involves choosing an app selecting a new icon and then creating a shortcut to replace the original app on your home screen.

How do I change apps on my iPhone without the home button?

On iPhones without a home button swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the middle to view recent apps. Swipe left or right to navigate through the apps and tap on the app you want to change to.

How to hide apps on iPhone?

To hide apps on your iPhone touch and hold the app on the home screen tap Remove App and then choose Remove from the Home Screen to move it to the App Library. You can also hide entire pages of apps by entering the jiggle mode tapping the page dots and unchecking the pages you want to hide.


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