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How Can Building Products Materials Certification Help You?

The certifications for building products and materials prove environmentally friendly practices and superior performance. Building materials certification can help businesses look for certifications to prove their commitment to sustainable building practices. The material certificates are a credible symbol of health and environmental leadership, which increases customer loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth. Material certification provides quality assurance, roof impact services, Evaluation services, environmental certification, etc. 

How Can Material Certifications Help You

If you’re a designer, engineer, or builder and are considering using the services of Intertek Building Products Certification Services, you’re making an excellent decision. These services provide an independent evaluation of the performance of various building components and systems.

And while there are several benefits to using Intertek Building Products Certification Services, one of the most important is the peace of mind they bring. Intertek has been in business from many years and has a rich history of innovation, customer service, and growth through acquisition.

For IQPs, an Intertek Building Products Certification Services certification gives them the confidence that their products and installations comply with industry standards and regulations. Additionally, Intertek is a trusted partner for AHJs and a network of IQPs. IQPs receive instant recognition for their expertise, and the Intertek name brings an element of quality to any project. This confidence and assurance come at a low cost for Intertek.

Intertek certification benefits all parties involved in the construction industry. For example, certification is essential for building manufacturers, ensuring that their products meet a high standard. Certification agencies will check the products for quality, and they’ll issue CCRRs if they meet the criteria. If the manufacturer doesn’t meet the standards, the certification may be null and void. In addition, Intertek will perform follow-up inspections to monitor and maintain compliance.

The facility is equipped with a combination furnace and can test vertical and horizontal products. Hence, it is a great asset for building product manufacturers and consumers. Aside from building products certification, Intertek also offers building inspection, decommissioning, and transfer services. All this expertise helps ensure that the product performs at its highest levels.

The ETL Listed is one of the most recognized safety certification marks. Using this mark confirms that the product has been independently tested and meets the standards published by the government. Intertek’s CCRRs provide technical information, professional evaluation, and market access. If your building product has been certified by Intertek, you can be confident that it is safe and effective. It is an investment that you cannot afford to skip.

Builders can fully accredit Intertek’s CCRR program.

Conformity assessment Requirements for bodies that certify products. Intertek’s CCRR program enables it to test a wide range of products in one comprehensive manner, eliminating redundancy and reducing product approval time. It also has the flexibility to test value range assessments. You can also customize the testing procedures with CCRR.

Final Words

Materials certification are essential for builders because they assure the quality of the material and ensure whether the building is safe for people. You can also ensure your building will be secure for decades. Intertek provides many material certification services such as product certification, code evaluation, and field labeling of fire doors.

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