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Here’s why this ‘fluffy’ new crab species is covered in hair

‘Fluffy’ new crab species is covered in hair:

A new species of creepy crab has been discovered by the name of “Lamarckdromia beagle”.

What makes this crab strange is the hair on its body. The “fluffy” animal uses its body hair to camouflage itself in the environment and be an intelligent predator.

The Guardian reported that hair does not naturally grow out of the crab’s body. Instead, the animal makes its fur by pulling on live sponges with its claws.

It is almost as if the sponge lives in the crab.
“The sponge or sea squirt continues to grow and will mold itself to the shape of the crab’s back,” Dr Andrew Hosie, curator of crustaceans at the Western Australian Museum, told The Guardian.

“It will never stick […] forms a nice cap that fits snugly on top of the crab.”

A family off the coast of Western Australia found the “horrible” crab species and handed it over to a local museum.

Dr. Hosie said that these sponges release some compounds that are really toxic. Therefore, having them as a protective cover benefits the crabs.

The images of the fuzzy crab have scared many social media users, while some have found it hilarious.


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