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Here’s how to get back your old Wi-Fi toggle

Android 12 introduced many welcome additions, including a completely new design, dynamic themes, and privacy and security improvements. Unfortunately, not all Android 12 changes received the same level of recognition. One of the tweaks that received some backlash was the Internet Dashboard that Google introduced in place of the Wi-Fi and mobile data Wi-Fi toggles. Fortunately, you can change it back if you’re not a fan, as long as your Pixel is still running Android 12; the method appears to have been disabled with Android 13.

Google tried to justify the new networking control panel in a blog post. He explained that most users who turn off Wi-Fi toggles do so due to a poor connection, temporarily switching to mobile data. But some users forget to enable Wi-Fi when they have a better connection and use more mobile data than they otherwise would. The blog post also claims that some Android fans who found the change frustrating at first are warming to it over time.

Still, as with any change that directly affects power users, there’s bound to be a group of people who aren’t willing to bend the knee. If you have a Pixel phone running Android 12 and you’re frustrated with the new toggle, you can get the dedicated Wi-Fi toggles back with just two ADB commands (per Mishaal Rahman on Twitter).

Root access is not required for this process; make sure you have ADB debugging enabled in Developer options. If you haven’t used ADB commands, head over to Android Studio for the latest platform tools. Don’t worry, you won’t need the full SDK. For detailed instructions, check out our guide on Wi-Fi toggles using ADB on any device.

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