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God Of Musician launches innovative GMiner to build a new music Ecosystem

God of Musician is a new Polygon-based music ecosystem that is currently accessible. It provides music producers, fans, and investors with the opportunity to become GMiners at a reduced cost and earn the $GOM token. This brand-new token offering will make the music leaderboard more fair and rewarding than it has ever been before.

The GMiner is now available at a discounted price, and prospective investors need just link their wallets in order to buy one of three distinct levels using their $MATIC tokens. These tiers are as follows:

  • The Newbie perk grants one stamina and makes it possible to mine one $GOM token every day.
  • Talent: grants 10 stamina, which may be redeemed for further benefits.
  • The Pro upgrade grants you 100 stamina and allows you to mine much more $GOM tokens.

The maximum number of $GOM coins that may be mined in a single day is 200,000. In addition, the amount of gold mined will determine the cap placed on the number of GMiner sales.

Fans of Web3 who join GMiners stand to gain a variety of advantages while God Of Musician progresses further along its path. These advantages include the opportunity to stake prizes, vote on the direction the project will go in the future, and a great deal more.

The initiative ultimately aims to develop a music finance metaverse, and using the GMiner as a starting point is an excellent way to get things rolling in this direction.

CEO Stefan Yu, a seasoned entrepreneur and alumnus of the University of Illinois who has been engaged in a number of projects that have been deemed “unicorns” by Coin Market Cap, has this to say about the project.

We are aware that the music business is in disarray, and we believe that distributed ledger technology has the potential to remedy it. Because of this, we are developing this platform so that those who make music, their followers, and others who are interested in web3 may take use of this developing technology. An intriguing leaderboard will be available to investors who use the combination of NFT, Token, and Polygon blockchains. This will allow investors to be paid for both generating and owning music. GMiner is now accessible, and I strongly recommend that all music enthusiasts give it a try, regardless of whether or not they have prior experience with web3.”

Strong collaborations with reputable, recognizable, and authoritative brands in the industry, such as Polygon, Metamask, and Trust Wallet, are something the God Of Musician team is able to take use of.

You may access the website by going to the following address:

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