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Experiential learning and VR will reshape the future of education

Educational methods , Experiential learning and VR will reshape the future of education but it have not kept pace with technological advances, but the imperative for change is becoming more and more evident.
Virtual reality (VR) is becoming more readily adopted as the gains from experiential learning are reaped.
Virtual reality is making education less conventional and advancing K-12, higher education, and vocational training.
Education is the foundation of a strong economy. It increases human capital, boosts productivity and increases economic output.

For individuals, education paves the way to acquire new skills, develop critical thinking and analytical knowledge, contribute to economic well-being, develop a sense of purpose, and shape one’s career. Therefore, its impact on individuals, societies, governments and the world is undeniable. However, methods for educating people have not always kept pace with technological advances. That said, change is imminent and will come faster over the next decade.

Evolving educational technologies for experiential learning
In fact, progress has already been visible during the COVID-19 pandemic when governments were forced to close the doors of schools and universities around the world for weeks. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) supported the global education sector with digital tools, programs and resources to ensure continuity of learning. Other countries around the world have implemented online educational tools such as Alef Education in the UAE, Vschool in KSA, and MOE E-Learning in Egypt, to name a few.

While these solutions were crucial, they focused primarily on knowledge transfer, not the hands-on, face-to-face experience students needed to understand the concepts. After all, while some learn through theory, others learn through practice. Therefore, the evolution of educational technology in the future must address experiential learning. When combined with innovative pedagogies, augmented reality, virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality are positioned to address this need and create competitive advantage for all stakeholders involved.

Technological advances have penetrated most sectors and have transformed them administratively or in the provision of services. However, the transformation still needs more technological advances to disrupt education. The infiltration of these advances in educational systems has become an increasing imperative.

startup and innovation
The disruption we are seeing in today’s digitized world is helping to increase accessibility, improve quality, and improve affordability of education globally. Arguably, these interventions are enough to drive transformational change. In addition, the environmental pressures and the objectives of COP26 (of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in 2021) will promote the digitization of educational flows, when feasible and affordable, inside and outside the classroom, reducing dependence on textbooks, notebooks, and pencils as critical learning tools. .

We need to adapt to an evolving landscape and nurture our younger generations to help build on our success. Although schools and universities have increasingly focused on personal development, some technologies can speed up the process. Virtual reality is a leading example and possibly a game changer for the next generation of undergraduates, graduates, and vocational students and enables experiential learning.

It allows students to immerse themselves in an interactive experience where they can see the results of their actions firsthand. Together with the metaverse, students and teachers can communicate and share while immersed, overcoming the limitations of space and time. Finally, they can consolidate previously acquired knowledge and apply skills acquired through conventional e-learning.

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