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Do you know these functionalities of Instagram?

Instagram is a social media channel that allows companies to communicate with their target audience through stories and a variety of content such as videos and images. Instagram, which is growing in the number of users, is part of social media marketing. The goals of the channel can be to create an image of the company’s employer and present the staff, stories and background content about the company’s services and products, and inspiring content to attract new customers. There are also paid opportunities on Instagram to increase the visibility of your own content among the desired target group.

In addition to your own company profile, you can publish stories (Instagram Stories) on Instagram that disappear 24 hours after publication. Stories can be published as videos, live broadcasts, texts, and a variety of video and image filters and effects can be used in the stories. According to Instagram research data, more than 400 million accounts use Instagram stories every day. Either you have tried sharing stories and do you know what IGTV released a few months ago?

In this blog, an expert from a reputed SEO company listed some functionalities and new features that make Instagram easier to use and a little lesser-known. I write tips primarily from a corporate social media marketing perspective, but these can also benefit users who share their own views through images and videos with their personal profiles.

Instagram story archive

Instagram stories are releases that disappear 24 hours after release. Did you record a unique moment that you could republish or feel for yourself?

No worries! On your Instagram profile, you’ll find a publication archive that stores all published stories for the account administrator to view. Here you can browse the published content and the content can be redistributed into your own story.

Here’s how to check the setting: Go to your Instagram profile, click Menu> Settings. Under the heading of privacy is “story settings” and here you can choose different storage options. Save to archive or phone gallery.

Instagram highlights

Did you post diamond content to your stream and you don’t want the content to disappear in a day? You can give your content an extension at the highlights of your Instagram profile. Highlights are stories published on Instagram that appear above images in a user’s profile. These highlights will only be removed when the administrator deletes them, even if the publication has disappeared from the stories 24 hours after publication. You can add one or more stories to the highlight.

Here’s how to save a highlight:  You can save a highlight through a profile or directly from a published story. Click the + sign in your profile and select one or more publications in the story archive that you want to highlight. You can then edit the cover image of the highlight and give it a descriptive name. You can also add a story as a highlight immediately after it is published by clicking “highlight” in the story. You can then click the + sign to add a new highlight to the story.

To edit or delete a highlight:  Go to your profile and click on the highlight you want to edit or delete. At the bottom you will find a three-point menu “add” and by clicking here you will find the options: edit highlight & delete highlight. You can add more than one story to the same highlight by editing it, or you can delete the highlight so that it no longer appears in your profile.

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