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Different Customer Survey Software by SurveyKing

If you are reading this article, it is because you have clearly understood: your company’s e-reputation is a key factor for its online development. Internet users no longer swear by customer reviews, and if they are positive, it’s a guaranteed jackpot! But as you may have noticed, you are not the only ones to have integrated the decisive importance of notoriety on the web. All proactive companies strive to provide reviews to boost their visibility and optimize the conversion of prospects.

Importance of Custom Survey:-

The most suitable solution is not only to go fishing for reviews, but to create an online satisfaction survey on Custom Survey Software! Thanks to it, you will identify the solar aspects and the gray areas of your business. By performing this exercise regularly, you’ll get useful feedback to keep your offer appealing and on-trend. In short, by really realizing the satisfaction of your customers on a pedestal, they will be permanently satisfied and your company will enjoy a favorable e-reputation, conducive to the achievement of your economic objectives.

Eval & Go:-

This first solution is very involved in data protection and ensures your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At Eval&Go, people and ethics take precedence! Thus, the proposed tool is as intuitive as it is easy to use. The offer of this French player is also based on responsive customer service, available as soon as you have the slightest question.

Drag’n Survey:-

The second tool in the list is called Drag’n Survey. This software is probably the most popular of companies. It allows you to create your online questionnaires in a clear and intuitive way thanks to a “drag and drop” function. Easy and very pleasant to learn, its free version will allow you to create unlimited online questionnaires, with a maximum of 200 answers per questionnaire. Little more, all the data collected through the questionnaires is reported in Europe!

Monkey Survey:-

Survey Monkey is one of the best-known sites, thanks to its ease of use and its 15 built-in question types (multiple-choice, open-ended, on a scale, etc.). The free version of this online survey tool allows you to ask up to ten questions on one form. We therefore understand that it is more interesting for regular questionnaires, rather than for an in-depth satisfaction survey.

Google Forms:-

Here is the Google tool to create your online questionnaire, fourth tool in the list, Google Forms is very interesting thanks to its handling, simplified as much as possible, and the customization it allows to bring to its questionnaire. Google Forms is also 100% free and the number of questions to ask in a form is unlimited! However, we regret the total absence of customer support.

Character Shape:-

Finally, the strong point of this fifth software is undoubtedly that its design has been optimized for the user experience of the respondents. The questionnaires and surveys that come out of Typeform are user-friendly, aesthetic and pleasant to read! The limitation of answers per month and questions to ask of the free version will still push you to favor you over the paid version.

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