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Countries At Risk Of A Deep Economic Crisis

A runaway dollar at a two-decade high crushing the purchasing power of most currencies in international markets, fears of an economic downturn and burned-out foreign exchange reserves point to a record number of developing countries now in dire straits .
According to Reuters, a record number of developing countries are currently in trouble as several countries show economic malaise similar to Sri Lanka’s, including typical debt and  Economic Crisis, signs of collapsing currencies, 1000-point bond spreads basic and foreign exchange reserves. See the list below.

Rising loan prices, inflation and debt fuel and Economic Crisis concerns of economic collapse, with analysis showing Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Russia, Suriname and Zambia already in debt default, Belarus on the brink of default and at least a dozen other countries are in danger of default. The total price is amazing. Analysts estimate that $400 billion of debt is at risk using bond spreads of 1,000 basis points as the pain threshold. Argentina is the largest, with more than $150 billion, followed by Ecuador and Egypt, each with between $40 and $45 billion. The Russian ruble and the Brazilian real are the only currencies to have gained against the dollar this year, which many market experts say is due to capital controls.

Investors are wondering how long the dollar’s rally can last, but many are waiting to turn bearish on the dollar before they do. Compared to a basket of peers, the dollar has risen nearly 13 percent this year, hitting a two-decade high. It’s also on track for its best year since 1997, thanks to an aggressive Federal Reserve and investors seeking safety in the face of an uncertain global Economy Crisis.

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