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Best travel gadgets you never knew you needed for your next holiday

Best travel gadgets:

Travel has benefited from many last-minute holiday bookings in Corfu, city breaks in the sun for Spanish tapas and sangria, or healthy yoga retreats off the beaten track overlooking Bali’s iconic rice paddies.

Regardless of where in the world you travel to, there are some nifty gadgets to keep on your radar.

While some travel purchases are to keep you comfortable during the flight, whether it’s short or long haul, others will help you throughout your vacation.

While some may be looking to fully relax on the journey to and from their destination with headphones and footrests, others may need all the best tips to help them pack absolutely everything into their suitcase or carry-on.

Still others may need all the tips and tricks to stay cool on their next adventure.

From travel pillows and earplugs, to compression packing cubes and travel bags that double as a seat with all the queues at airports, here are some of the essentials that will change the way you travel forever.
travel pillow
A travel pillow has been on our must-have lists for as long as we can remember, because there’s nothing worse than being stuck between two people who have fallen asleep and you can’t close your eyes yourself.

TikTok has had some smart packers who have even used their pillow as extra luggage space for some essentials, but you didn’t hear that from us.

Flight earplugs
Whether you suffer from ear pain due to in-flight pressure, or simply want to drown out surround sounds so you can fall asleep on your journey, flight earplugs are a must.

They’re super easy to use, just put them in your ears before you take off, but take them out when you’ve reached cruising altitude and put them back in when you’re getting ready to land, to make the ride that little bit more comfortable.

In-flight airplane phone holder
We all love to binge-watch our favorite shows or movies, which we have downloaded before a long-haul flight, without interruption.

But give your hand a break with this nifty phone holder to keep your screen propped up throughout the flight, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and order some in-flight snacks just in case.

Sleeping headphones
A cool invention if you ask us, and one you won’t turn your back on when you’ve tried it. Sleep Headphones are three in one, letting you listen to a movie or your music hands-free via Bluetooth, while also functioning as an eye mask to help you catch all those important.

Airline flight adapters
Some airlines provide the headset built into the armrest, others charge you, but either way, there’s often a problem with them down the road.

So to save yourself the hassle, invest in your own flight adapters so you can listen with ease, and without fear of the airline running out of headphones for you.

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