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Armorock Is Providing Best Polymer Concrete Manholes & Precast Concrete

If you are looking for a reliable company that provides the best Polymer Concrete Manholes &Precast concrete, look no further than Armorock. The company began as a maintenance hole precast of traditional concrete and eventually expanded to other products. 

Traditionally, precast polymer concrete was expensive, but now You can purchase it at very competitive prices. And, because of its corrosion resistance, there is no need to worry about future maintenance because it does not contain reactive aggregates or cement.

Armorock Polymer And Precast Concrete Installation

The most important thing to remember is to find a vendor with a diverse product selection. Armorock manufactures round wet wells ranging from four feet in diameter to twelve feet. Moreover, it can provide maintenance holes and pump stations for sewer systems and provide corrosion protection. This way, Armorock can ensure the best solutions for your projects. When looking for the best Polymer Concrete Manholes & Precast Concrete, Armorock is the best option.

When choosing a polymer concrete manhole, consider its installation process. This process is simple compared to traditional construction methods. Besides the installation process, precast concrete manholes are easy to install. Depending on the size and type of the maintenance hole, the installation process will take only a few days. It is important to follow the proper installation procedure and the installation process.

If you want to use polymer concrete manholes, choose one with an accurate and detailed set of specifications. The manufacturer of polymer concrete manholes should have seal drawings from a registered professional engineer. The structural properties of the polymer concrete manhole must be accurate, with minimum dimensional differences. Moreover, the manufacturer should ensure that the polymer concrete manholes meet the requirements.

You should schedule the final walk-through before substantial completion. It is crucial because a punch list needs to be made. Attendees must include a contractor representative, a JEA representative, and designated JEA Operation personnel. The Contractor must also provide the crew with the necessary equipment. Before final inspection, the Contractor must complete the JEA Final Inspection Checklist. The JEA representative must sign the signature block and scan the checklists.

The polymer concrete wet well must be custom-made per JEA specification chapter IV. If it is not, the Contractor must submit shop drawings of standard details for approval. Additionally, you must seal the exterior joint of the precast concrete wet well with a twelve-inch wide exterior joint sealant membrane tape. This way, the installation process will be faster.

When installing the joint sealer, the Contractor should to detail the joint surfaces carefully. The joint sealant must match the SDR rating of the connecting pipe. The Contractor may use a PVC sleeve to connect the pipe to the precast concrete maintenance hole. It must be primed to match the JEA’s specifications. The Contractor must also ensure that the joint sealant remains dry during installation. The Contractor should ensure that the joint sealant remains dry during rain events.

Final Words

Armorock polymer concrete offers the best value for your money. These structures are incredibly durable, and able to withstand all types of corrosive environments. Unlike traditional precast concrete, they offer the best corrosion-resistance warranty in the industry, at 50 years. And they cost up to 80% less than other concrete structures, making them the best value for your money.

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