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3 New Privacy Features Coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp users have long 3 New Privacy Features been distressed that their online activity is advertised to other WhatsApp users without their consent. Meta seems to have listened to you and updated its privacy features accordingly.

As of August 2022, you won’t have to sneak out of a WhatsApp group at 2am. Hoping no one notices. Here are the details.

1. Leave groups silently on WhatsApp
Starting in August 2022, it will be possible to leave a WhatsApp group privately without alerting all members of the group. Instead, only administrators will be notified.

This will definitely eliminate the drama or embarrassment that comes with leaving a group, and the inevitable DMs from people wanting to know why you left them. If you’re like this writer, who likes to leave a party quietly.

2. Choose who can see when you’re online on WhatsApp
WhatsApp started out by letting everyone see when you’re online. Then, it made it possible to hide your online status from everyone. Then, it made it so that only people who are in your contact list and people you’ve previously messaged with can see you online.

Now, WhatsApp will let you choose who can and cannot see you when you’re online. One can only hope that those among his friends and family that he has not whitelisted into this exclusive club will not be offended.

3. Lock Screenshots for WhatsApp View Once Messages
View Once, or disappearing photos, is a feature that has become popular for a wide range of reasons, one of which is that it goes a long way in preventing revenge porn by 3 New Privacy Features jilted who have their private photos. However, there was always the risk that someone could take a screenshot of the disappearing photo.

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